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Goodbye Lost Storm, Hello Dawn Chorus

Hello there, this is a page with the sole purpose to redirect you to my new blog The Dawn’s Chorus.

See, I have moved on from the Lost Storm (and you can read more about this decision in my last post here) so you will not find anything new on here anymore.

So, if you want to find fresh content by me just click the button below

But if you are simply here to browse Lost Storm then please, do keep browsing. All the posts are still here and here they shall remain.
You can still leave comments or use the contact form if you have any words or thoughts to share, I still do check these 😉

Also, if you don’t really care about the rest and only want to see my art, you can head over to https://chloeriviereart.wordpress.com to skip all the insanity and just browse through my latest creations 😀

What you can find on the new blog
  • New Songs
  • New Art
  • All my future projects (secrets)
  • A bit of Light
  • A bit of Darkness
  • Poems and stories when I do write them

Not much has changed really, it’s still me but on a new blog🌈