A big change for the best


Starting off this year with facing a change I never imagined could ever be a reality: transitioning from being a right-handed player to a left-handed player.

I cut my finger a while back ago and only now realized that I could never play guitar the same way again if I remained a right-handed guitarist. My finger is now and forever – of this, I’m quite sure – too sensitive to play bar chords or anything, really. Even playing on my ukulele has become a hard task. So I did what I had to do as soon as I realized there was actually another path for me to take (other than the one where I give up guitar and maybe pick some other instrument): I ordered a left-handed guitar.

Now, I do realize that this is a hard thing to do. Why would one sane person put themselves through this?, one would ask. Well, I’ll tell you what. Maybe I’m not sane. But music is all I want for my life and it’s all I am. I couldn’t picture my future without music in it, I couldn’t picture my life without music in it and I probably wouldn’t be in that picture if music wasn’t part of my life.


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