My mom loved it


“And you asked the sun to take you back”

“I heard you talk to the sun
You said: I come to see you for the last time
And then you cried”

Wanted to bring some color in my sketchbook and then remembered that I still suck at coloring stuffs.

I’ve never been really good with colors. I guess that says a lot about me somehow. But I still like that drawing cos I tried. I didn’t give up when I realized my shadows made zero sense, I didn’t run away. I just went for it and I’m glad I did. Cos now there’s less ink in my pens, there’s a shitty colored drawing in my sketchbook and I did what I wanted to do.

My sketchbook is now a little brighter and I’m rambling on about how proud I am of my terrible coloring skills. Cheers.


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