The truth behind the wind


When I was younger, I liked to imagine a big man made of clouds blowing on the trees to make them all sway in rhythm. But I always wondered where he went when they would stop moving. Yesterday, against my will, I found out the answer to my question. There’s no such thing as a cloud man blowing on things. The truth is less magical and rather disgusting.

I went to the park to have some fun with friends when one of them threw the ball in the woods. I volunteered to go pick it up and that’s where I saw it, the real master of the wind. A five feet tall naked creature with wrinkles all over its body, it had long white frizzy hair and a wart on the tip of its disgusting nose. It saw me and blew me away – literally. It opened its old mouth and let out a stinky fog that sent me out of the woods.

It’s been five hours this started now, and my legs have finally fully faded. It won’t be long until my hands do the same, and then the rest of me will turn into those things you call clouds. I take the time I have left to write this as a warning to you, all of you, don’t go near the woods that move and don’t ask silly questions.


So I’ve been starting this little “book” thingy on my wattpad account called Horror Shots which is basically a collection of mostly tiny stories that aren’t really creepy but do give chills sometimes. They’ve all been submitted to the creepypasta website even though I believe that if there’s a chance for them to get published, they’ll end up on the crappypasta website! Haha

The truth behind the wind is, I believe, the best of the six that I have written so far which is why I’m sharing it on my blog.



Shots of horror! Very short waste of time! Free! Come on, come all!!

If you’re interested in reading more(if you want a good awkward laugh it’s THE plan) here are the links:


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