I’ve been thinking and…


Remember how I said that my Booksie “issue” brought me down in that article? Well, finding my music theory books in my mailbox last night at around 10pm(yes, I only leave my house when the moon is out)got me back on my feet and got me thinking.

I already realized how silly it was to let a website shatter me like that, but of course, I couldn’t help it. Now, maybe they will reply to my mail next week and the issue will be fixed but until then, and in case they don’t ever do, I’ve got to do something. I spent many years of my life waiting for things to turn around so I could make the best of them but now that I’m older(alright I’m turning 20 this year and IT IS a big deal! haha) I’ve assimilated the fact that everything is up to me. If I want things to happen, I gotta go and make them happen, not just wait around for the “right time” or until I’m ready. I’ll never be ready and now is the right time(I’ve got a shirt with that exact sentence written on, I shit you not!).

Back to my point, I’ve decided to do something instead of waiting for Booksie to reply to me and get my account and (very very few) fans back. Being on Booksie had given me the strength to get some discipline in my life and work a bit everyday on my stories so that I could post my chapters. I got way more attention on there than on Wattpad and well, it fueled me. But maybe I held on too much to it which is why I felt so lost and panicked when I was… wiped out, I guess. I’ve talked some sense into my cuckoo head and decided to start posting my stories on my blog alongside with Wattpad. (Alright, I didn’t say I had a genius idea! But yeah it still didn’t come to me right away, I had to think to realize that.)

From now on, I’ll be posting all my writings on my blog too. I’m not gonna put everything at once or it would feel like too much. So, to start it off, I’ll post one chapter or two per day(for now I only have five chapters for the story I’m currently working on)on here. That means I’m gonna have to reorganize a few things but I’ll be just fine. I think it’s important to have my work on different platforms. And as this is my blog, I think it makes extreme sense to have my stories on here as they’re a big part of me and this bog is supposed to be a window on my insides. 😀

I think it’s funny how I always end up doing what I said I would do. I remember last year thinking about creating a website where I would share everything I do and write about my life and stuff, and look at me now! Haha And it feels really good for me to realize that because I spent (and actually still do) a long time with people that would always talk, talk, talk and talk but never do. I like to know I’m not so much like that.


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