These arrived in the mail yesterday…



I finally received the three music theory books I ordered and needless to say they arrived right on time(i.e. right when I was feeling down about pretty much everything and losing hope)!

I got the 3 volumes in 1 of William Leavitt’s A Modern Method for Guitar ($20.79), Tom Kolb’s Music Theory for Guitarists: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Where Afraid to Ask ($14.59) and Michael Pilhofer’s Music Theory For Dummies ($18.55) on Amazon. I read a lot of articles about which were to be considered the “best” music theory books out there and ended up with a list of 15 books if I recall. I tried to keep the price the lowest possible and still keep consistent books so I picked those.

I think I made the right choice. Now, I haven’t read any of them yet but I flipped through the pages a bit and here’s what I gathered from a first look:
The Music Theory For Dummies seems to be a very easy to understand book and it is accompanied with audio tracks online which you can download for free.
The Music Theory for Guitarists seems really awesome too. It also includes the access to audio tracks online (for download or streaming) with a code that is inside the book. It appears to be easy to understand and a good tool to get to learn theory through your guitar.
And last but not least, the 3 volumes in 1 of A Modern Method for Guitar is surely the more thorough of my three new books. It has a lot of exercises, a lot of information.

I’ll probably update later as I make my journey through each of them.


4 thoughts on “These arrived in the mail yesterday…

  1. I worked through the Tom Kolb theory book in college and the William Levitt book in university. Both are great and worth the read. I live how practical the theory lessons are, it really opens up the fretboard.


    • Thanks for commenting, it means a lot to have a professional’s thoughts! 😉 I heard they helped a lot of people and they sure look awesome. I can’t wait to start working with them.
      And I followed your blog, by the way, very interesting articles on there! 🙂


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