New guitar accessories!


I had a major freak out last night. Let me explain!
I ordered a few things for Glitch last Friday and it was supposed to be delivered on Monday between 8:00 and 11:00am. I woke up at 7:30 on Monday and waited behind my front door until past 12:00 expecting a call or a knock on the door and got nothing. I didn’t eat nor go to the toilet nor go back upstairs to pick up my music theory book in case someone were to knock on the door and I would miss it.
I checked on the website many times and around 5pm, it was written that my order couldn’t be delivered that day. I was really mad and when I made some research about the company, I stumbled upon way too many comments saying that they were the worst ever, and that they would sometimes steal the order and apply a fake signature on the little machine they have. Some people even waited a whole week before receiving their order and others found their order in pitiful condition.
Safe to say, that reading all those negative comments got me worried and ruined my mood(yes, it managed to survive the whole morning wasted behind a door without peeing but this was too much). I put my computer away and watched Scream 2 with my housemate. Had a bit of a lame night of sleep too.
But woke up this morning with a startle(from a dream where I kept checking my mail to see if there was a re-schedule for my order’s delivery… very much obsessed, yes!)as a strange man called me to ask me if it was “still okay” to give me my order as it was already past 11am. I couldn’t believe it.
Anyways, I got my things today and I’d rather forget about all this!

So, there you go: the interesting part of this post!
I got a few new picks


from top to bottom: 1mm, 0.98mm, 0.94mm, 0.92mm

I really love the Dracula one. These three are from HotPicks, they’ve got really nice stuff on their website! I got them for 0.25€ each if I recall but that’s because I ordered with woodbrass and they usually sell things a little less expensive than most.

I also got a Dunlop pick holder which is extremely practical.Β I can fit five picks between 0.94mm and 0.98mm in it. I can fit the 1mm one in too but it’s gets a bit tight(though still not tight enough for it to be difficult of use). You can stick it anywhere on your guitar and it holds just right. I definitely recommend it if you don’t already have one!
Oh, and I didn’t end up putting mine where it is on the picture! πŸ˜‰


Then, there’s these:

Fender Strap Blocks. They are amazing. Just tiny pieces of rubber, cheap(I got them for 3.40€) AND all you need. Really. They’re easy to put on and they stay in place. It feels awesome! (And yes, that’s a Fender strap block on a Gibson strap on an Eastwood guitar. Three cheers for diversity!)

Then, I got myself a tuner which also serves as a metronome. It’s from Eagletone.


It truly is a nice tool. You can change the volume(not the best of sounds, to be honest, and quite piercing when on full) of the metronome and also alter the rhythm of beats which can come in really handy!

And last but not least, a mini amp from Eagletone called the Handy, which was the main purchase. I’ll write a tiny post about it later as I mess around with it. But it already seems perfect to me.

Just a few elements about it: Β it has both a clean and a distortion channel, it has a micro SD card reader and it can also be used as a speaker. I love the look of it, it reminds me of my old Walkman! I needed a tiny amp just to finally get to play with my guitar and hear a real sound and maybe to help me record things with my tiny computer(ha ha!). I think this is just the thing I was looking for. Got it for 45€ on woodbrass and well, looking forward to see how awesome it is!

There you go! Little update on my life! πŸ˜€


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