Another painting on polystyrene!


I had another tiny square of polystyrene so I painted it for someone dear to me. I’ve started re-watching K-On! again(for the hundredth time at least) and it reminded me of what matters in life: food, music, friendship, food, sharing, music and sharing food with friends.

I dropped my brushes this time, mostly because my hands were a little too cold to be efficient with them. And, instead, I used a dry baby wipe to apply the paint on the piece of polystyrene.My hands were a mess afterwards but it looks awesome!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love doing these little progress slide shows. It’s fun. And I believe it’s also interesting to see the evolution of a work!

And, uh, it’s a… kind of abstract forest or something. WE DONT NEED WORDS ha ha


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