My first watercolor palette!


Yesterday I went out for a walk. Went to the post office to send two gifts for my little brother and ended up walking to the city center. My first intention was just to get some cash for the laundromat but I ended up buying this too. It’s my first ever watercolor palette. I’ve only ever used watercolor pencils so I bought this for a change. I actually wanted to buy a small set of oil paint but I didn’t have enough money. 😦 Maybe next month!

So it’s a very small palette of 10 colors. It comes with a small brush. It fits in the hand and can be easily taken everywhere with you due to the very compact size. And there’s also this metallic ring underneath the box which you can put your finger through when you hold it in your hand. It’s really nice. Haven’t tried it just yet but usually Daler Rowney products are okay and well, affordable.

I believe it was a wise choice. Can’t wait to miserably fail at using it. 😀


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