Backstreet Boys addiction?


I’ve been listening to a lot of Backstreet Boys lately. And I’m pretty sure that it is because I am facing rather stressful events and they remind me of my family(and my childhood), and that’s comforting.

I miss my mom, sis and bro so much… 😥 So glad to have been able to skype with my mom and little brother this afternoon! I got to see Jacques, my beautiful cat that doesn’t give two fucks about me anymore(and actually never really had ever since he hit puberty </3). It was really nice even though we ended up mostly talking about one of those stressful events! Yay. Ha ha. I feel bad for having ruined mommy’s day but at least I called…

Doesn’t this make my blog look a bit like a girly cliché? Ha ha. Screw this! One can totally enjoy metal and all sorts of rock music AND boys band! Diversity is the real power! 😛

I ❤ Backstreet Boys 😉 (Incomplete has got to be one of my all time favorites though there are so many of their songs that make me melt in every kind of possible ways!)


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