I did what?


Lately, I strayed a bit from music theory lately and pretty much from any other thing that I should be working hard on. I knew it was mostly due to a lack of energy partly due to a rather poor work surface: the wooden floor of my room. So, this morning, I got up, ate a nice little breakfast with favorite cereals and then, picked up my music theory book and my notebook. Then I went and made tea. Then I started working a bit and BAM I got a sudden determination to build me a desk. And so I did.

Now, don’t get too excited. I did with what I had so it’s pretty rustic if I may say. It’s basically cardboard and polystyrene balanced on an old piece of furniture(which are neighbors gave us when we moved in and which is actually all the only furniture we have, three old things, but it’s cool!)and a pile of boxes(not the exact word, I know 😛 ). But my scarves make it all look cooler; to me, at least.

I just taped together four piece of cardboard and laid it on the polystyrene.

Then, I really just balanced it on the boxes and the piece of furniture. I stuck the head of a hanger in the cardboard through the holes in the boxes to secure it a bit so it doesn’t just keep slipping on the left.

And then I wrapped it with two of my scarves. They’re really cute and I never wear them cos they’re too thin and too cute for me actually! Ha ha!

So it’s rather perfect for my financial situation and just so i can finally stretch my legs while working all day in books and on the computer. But not that perfect: it ended up being a little too high for me so now I have to pile up stuffs on my chair to be comfortable:


But it’s not that big of a deal. I feel like my mother when she drives with pillows on her seat. 😀

Now, I’m not exactly sure if this was just pure determination to create a better working place in order to make life easier and save my joints OR if it was just procrastination disguised as a good intention. But I don’t really care cos now I’ve got a “desk” and I can work better! 😉


I guess that if this post has to serve a purpose then it shall be a reminder that when there’s a will, there’s a way. Or something.


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