Break over.


In my previous post, which I wrote nine days ago, I did say that I would take only my weekend off to rest my wrists. Turns out it was a little more serious than I thought, so I had to add another week of rest to these two days. Needless to say I almost lost my mind not being able to do anything I love! It was hard to be careful and not use my right arm as much as I’m used to. I didn’t once touched Glitch or Crash(except for the reassuring caress on their shinny finish before going to bed accompanied by a dramatically whispered “sooooon..” 😦 )…So, what did I do?

  • I mostly watched movies/video-games walk-throughs.

I’ve started re-watching Prison Break at the start of this month as I felt my mind needed a little refreshing before the revival! (So excited about that btw! Somehow this show was a big part of early teenage life. 😛 ) So, I watched at least two episodes everyday. Now, don’t get me wrong I’m a beast at binge watching stuffs but I didn’t want to get lost in this very dark place! Ha ha! So I watched a few each day and then moved on to different other things.

As for the video-game walkthrough I’m currently watching, it’s a rather heart-warming one! It is Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon! And I’m watching jacksepticeye‘s videos. And why is it so amazing? Because Spyro is my whole life! I grew up on this, bonded with my mom and sis over this game, alongside with Crash Bandicoot games. Video-games are a good part of my tiny family and a very important one too. So yeah, I was sooooo happy when I saw he decided to play it as I can’t afford video-games atm and I honestly rely on play-throughs to fill that hole in my soul! 😀

  • I also rearranged my room.

Went back to the floor:


  • I stretched.

And, I made sure that I stretched every morning AND that I would do it everyday from now on! I also now make sure I stretch each time I get up after sitting for a little while, like a dog/cat do. I understand, now!

  • I managed to create a thing.

I had started a little watercolor thingy earlier this month, so I finished it yesterday as I’m feeling stronger now. It didn’t exactly match what I had in mind but it had been a lil’ while since I made anything, I should have expected it to suck a bit! Ha!

On the right you can see a better version of it in my sketchbook and a picture of where I should’ve stopped and waited another day to finish it! The pictures are really ugly though (I mean, uglier than usual)… But you can’t expect a post on my blog to have  high quality pictures; only on rare occasions! 😛

Oh, man, does it feel good to write again! And how I’m glad it took only a week for my arm to feel okay again. Last thing I wanted was another whole month without guitar! Tomorrow I’m finally gonna be able to hurt my fingers on Glitch’s strings again! I’m gonna have to take it slow(which is going to be haaard!)but I guess that after next week I will be able to get back to my normal pace and maybe hurry some things up!

So I guess we can officially say that I’m “back”. I will try to post as often as possible. I’m not going to say one post every two days or one post every Tuesdays because that surely won’t work. And I don’t want these chains. 😉 Often sounds good to me.

That’s all for now! Until next post!


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