A colorful algae painting



Alright, I’ve finally created a full thing! It’s been a while! x) It’s a really tiny one, but it’s still something.


It’s acrylics on cold pressed watercolor paper(10,5 x 15,5cm or 4 1/8″ x 6 1/8″ if you’re weird). I know, I know, OUTRAGEOUS to use acrylics on watercolor paper 😛 It originated from one of my clumsy moves. I dropped some paint on it and decided I would wipe my brushes on this page every time I’d need to. And eventually it’s started to look like something so I structured it a bit! Quite happy about it! 🙂

I’m also working on another acrylic painting on an a4 canvas sheet. Still ocean themed. And also attempting a portrait of my little brother(which for now looks rather scary, I swear). And as for music related news, well… I don’t think I’m going to produce another song anytime soon. I don’t seem to be making any progress at all. It’s also rather hot in my room lately and that takes away all my strength and makes me really lazy. I feel really bad about it and I’m going to get myself right back on track. Get this self-motivation and some discipline back in my life. But really, I’m not really good at dealing with hot weather despite my being from Reunion Island! Haha. Need to try harder and remember that it’s all in my hands.

See you in the next post(i.e. in approximately fifty years from now 😉 )!

Take care and don’t forget how to forgive and love! ❤


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