Positive bullets!


The point of this post is to list everything that’s awesome about life right now without mentioning the little grey spots on the lens and certainly not the lack of light behind the curtains. So, that means everything that makes me happy today and things I’m looking forward to and you know, anything that I can think of in under five minutes (I’m gonna time it! 😉 ) that brings a smile to my face and makes me wanna scream (in a very good way).  I want to get myself pumped to work by releasing some positive energy in the air so… here I go!

I’ve got five minutes to unleash as many bullet points of happiness as possible! GO!!

  • Socks make my feet so warm
  • Stretching after having sat on the floor FOREVER
  • I’m going to play guitar as soon as I’m done with this post!
  • I’ve gotten better at singing!
  • Last night I learnt that I wouldn’t be alone at school this time; some awesome girl I bonded with over the internet will be here!
  • I’m going to an a7x concert in February!!!!!
  • I’ve finished eating a few minutes ago and my belly is full
  • I talked to mom and lil’ bro on the phone this morning
  • I’m looking forward to skyping with them later tonight
  • I’m working on a new original
  • My sister’s son!
  • My neighbor’s one-eyed cat, Plume!
  • Warm ramen after a long day
  • Jump rope!
  • Massaging my arms with the oil I bought and then showering
  • Supernatural!
  • Laughing with my roommate about the stupidest things
  • The freshness in my mouth as I just brushed my teeth!

Alrighty! Almost had a heart-attack as my timer went off but I’m fine! I’ve got 19, which is not that bad! 😀

I think it does work! I’m ready to get serious about my songwriting now! And I think I might do more of these. It’s important to remember each day of what makes you happy, what makes you feel good, what you really love.
Happiness isn’t about the big achievements in life like many people seem to think which usually results in them being miserable for “never being able to find true happiness”. Happiness is in the little things, those little details that cement our existences, you know what I mean? Well, it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy about achievements and bigger stuffs in life, huh! What I mean is do not take those little things for granted and be thankful for them, for everything, good and bad, big or small.
I might write a bit more about this in another post; for now, I’ve got work to do! 😉

Well, that was fun! 🙂

Appreciate the little things before they’re gone! ❤


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