Mr. Bungle & coffee


Aw, man! Does that feel good!

I love them very much. Fact.

I hadn’t listen to them in a little while up until earlier this year. That was back when I dived back into Uncage the Night to turn it into something a little better than the original written-at-3AM-due-for-tomorrow version from high school.

I was looking for some music to help keep my eyes on the page and write the damn thing a little faster. And that’s when I remembered about Pinkly Smooth, which was a very nice band with Jimmy The Rev Sullivan (R.I.P. fiction) and Synyster Gates from Avenged Sevenfold. I went on and kept playing Unfortunate Snort on repeat. Pretty sure that what they do is called “goblin metal”… Love the name!

Eventually, that helped Mr Bungle arise from the back of my head and there you go. I practically listened to these two albums on repeat every morning to write my chapters.


As I’ve been rather stuck with Uncage for the past few months, I figured I’d play the albums again and see where it takes me.

One of the best ways to start a boring Sunday morning is with a cup of coffee and some Mr Bungle. And, for the record, I am indeed writing. Very poor quality writing, but at least I’m unlocking ideas for the next chapter.

And if you haven’t read Uncage yet, please, do? It’s on my blog, on Booksie and on Wattpad!! Despite of it being published in three different places, I don’t get enough feedback (to avoid saying ‘none’)… So, it’d be kind of, you know, cool or something. I mean, you do what you want, huh. I’m just a little frustrated with the lack of comments. I want to know what people think. How can I know if it sucks if no one says anything?

Well, off I go to finish writing Chapter VIII’s ugly skeleton while listening to goblins and farts. 😉


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