Positive bullets #2


Time for another one of these! No time limit anymore. I’ll just get as much things that make me smile out of my head until I actually have to dig in my brain to find one. Here I go, grabbing the little balls of light that carry on burning through the storm and putting them in ephemeral jars. 😉

So, what’s awesome?

  • watching the Lord Of The Rings movies bundled up in bed
  • B&J’s Cookie dough vanilla ice cream!
  • rum
  • having strangers smile back at me in the streets
  • receiving a funny message after a hard day
  • walking through the park and feeling the late afternoon sun caress my skin
  • when it rains!
  • rum in my ice cream
  • watching dogs run in the park and see how happy they are
  • hearing my mom’s voice
  • when my sister’s cats are hungry and I hear them crying over the phone because I love them
  • rum in my apple juice
  • peeing after having held it in for so long (because I’m definitely not going to go in the middle of a movie and I’m surely not going to keep all the soda in my bottle as long as it’s in my hands – I really can’t help it 😛 )
  • people that think no one is watching them
  • the old man I saw playing ping-pong for about two hours last Monday afternoon
  • tomatoes
  • my plush Eeyore and sleeping with him
  • well, my princess teddy bear, Blanchette, too (even though I don’t really like her skirt so I take it off when we go to bed what)
  • drinking water in the morning
  • a nightmare-free night
  • when my little brother says my name or when he asks me about video games
  • touching grass with my hands and feeling greener
  • potatoes
  • looking in the mirror and actually being okay with my ‘woke up like dis’ face

Alright. ‘Tis all I could afford right now. That’s a nice little lot, right? Well, I don’t feel really better. But it’s always nice to remember what you like, you know, not take it for granted. Because, weirdly enough, you can actually forget what it is that you like and that makes you happy… It can sound silly if you’ve never experienced it but it can happen. I’m not saying that making lists can actually help remembering the feeling or anything. I’m just… tired. I’m tired. I’m going to sleep. Not. Maybe yes. I don’t know.

Don’t forget the light. Inside and out. Please, do look harder and find the beauty around you, inside the people and through the pollution veil of our world.

I love the Universe.

And I’m definitely going to bed. Although I don’t want to, cos nightmares and also I’d rather stay up and stare at my front door.

I’m just making this a little longer so that it reaches 569 words so don’t freak out if this post ends on a cliffhanger. Maybe I should take this as an opportunity to say something I don’t want you to fully read.I mean, something I need to get out of my chest but that would feel very weird to talk about like that, even on my personal blog, you know what I mean? Actually, I have no idea what to say but I still need to see the 69 in my word count. I’ve been told many times that I was mature for my age ha ha ha ha ha ha


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