Tomorrow is nearly yesterday.


There used to be a hope for a better tomorrow.

“This day may be the worst so far, but the next one is another opportunity and a whole new set of 24s to seize.”

“Tomorrow we’ll make everything right again.”

“Tomorrow the cold reality will have gained a few more degrees.”

“Tomorrow I will try again.”

“Tomorrow might be THE day.”

No more.

Maybe tomorrow’s are outdated.

Tomorrow is already today and nearly yesterday.

Time run faster than the wind and we all change color and fall like the leaves.

I feel my tomorrows slip through my cold fingers as they intertwine with my todays and become my yesterdays.

Now is the only Time.

ti tnaw t’nod I ebyam tuB

“Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid”Β is the title of Crywank’s 2013 album. I came across this band a while back and the first half of the title’s stuck with me ever since.So, yeah I just wrote this.


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