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So, it’s been a week since I’ve arrived and I think it’s time to share a few thoughts and pictures! πŸ™‚

My first thought as we got out of the airport last Tuesday afternoon with Leslie and her brother & mom was how different the heat was. I had been hot a few times in Lille but never like that heat. It was the smothering type. No air, really hot sun, hard to breathe. But I put on my shades and walked to the car as the clumsy mess that my ten-hour-flight had turned me into and I kept my head up high, cos I own that heat! what I still wasn’t that hot though. My body knows its shit sometimes and this is one of those. I can still adapt! πŸ˜› And I knew that it wouldn’t be as hot in the south anyway so I played tough. :3

I truly thought that it’d be somewhat magical to be back and see everything again but it just felt like before. It was as if I hadn’t left. I still knew the streets, the mountains, the sea; nothing has changed but I. It’s still so pretty! And I love it!

Mom came with my brother and my sister & her baby to pick me up at Leslie’s. I finally got to meet my nephew and what a cutie!! And before you ask, no I wasn’t welcomed as a rockstar or anything. We drove back home and talked like nothing really happened; it did feel weird though…

As soon as we got home, I showered (cos I was wearing two layers of clothes so sweat much huh) and my best friend came right over! We talked a bit and I gave her my watercolor pencils! Then we went together as my sis’ and we saw her new house for the first time. I was happy to see her cats again and to my surprise, they weren’t very shy except for the usual two girls who tend to hide a lot. And then we all went for a walk by the sea. And we almost got drenched as we neared Lilly’s (my bfffffffff) house so we had part way and run from the wild rain. I got you a few pics from our three different walks there!!

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So, the smallΒ  harbour is actually a part of history(as if the whole island isn’t! haha) as it is where the Warren Hastings wreckage took place. You can’t read about it online if you wish. There were a few fishermen when we came and also a mean dog which had me carry Sablier around in my freaking arms so he wouldn’t get in a fight!

The Vacoa plant tree thing is a real part of our culture, we use the long leaves and dry them, then braid them to make several different things from hats to bags and little to bigger mats that I don’t remember the name of! x) One of the popular bags is called a Bertel (it’s a deformation of the French word “bretelle” = shoulder strap; that’s mostly how creole works tbh, it’s a lot of distortion of French and English and other languages that were around back in the days). It’s a really flat one which was originally used by men that worked in sugar cane fields to carry their saber around – they still do! You wear it just like a backpack. Usually, that’s the bag Santa Claus wears on Xmas to give out presents! πŸ˜‰

Oh, and I just shared this on Twitter but I guess I’ll do it again cos it’s so oh-awesome! Here’s the view from my bedroom and from the front door:

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Awesome, huh? We used to be able to see the sea from the kitchen window but as the tree grew taller we can’t really anymore; but we still hear it now and then, mostly at night when the waves crash against the rocks.

Not sure I have much thoughts to share so far though. So I guess this won’t be any longer!

I’m really happy to be back and be around all those things that are a part of me.

I’ve been playing a lot of video games these days with my brother and mom too sometimes and that feels amazing! We’ve always bonded around these and man, am I in love with Crash Bandicoot (in case you don’t know who he is, here’s a BLURRY pic cos you know I love img_20161223_161610them…)!

I thought it’d feel different but it feels just the same and I guess that’s what coming home should feel like. A familiar place, familiar faces, it’s a constant in all the mayhem of life. That’s my solid ground, where I should keep my feet. My roots are here, solidly planted. While I’m on my land, I feed and gather strength, and then, I’m on the road again, I’m out there again, and I may bend but I won’t break cos those roots made a solid trunk. Wings to fly and roots to come back. ❀

And to end that post I guess I’ll share that awkward picture of me and Sablier that my brother took the other day when we were at my sis’:


Oh, boy! Ha ha The sun feels nice sometimes. Right now, there’s a nice breeze coming in but I’m wearing shorts and my thighs are glued to the chair with sweat. πŸ˜€ Hehe I’m off now to play with my bro, although I might down an ice cream first! I’ve eaten so much already!!

Next posts should be the drawings I made for Xmas and I also made a really nice watercolor last Sunday I will share too! Until then, stay safe guys!!

Have nice holidays and have good times with your family or friends or on your own, with pets, or just really yourself! Be thankful for what you have and what you’ve lost and gather all the strength you can to start that new year with a lvl up! ❀


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