New year, same us!


2016 is finally behind us! I love turning pages cos you never know what’s going to be on the next one. This new year holds so much! So many opportunities to seize, memories to make, hits to take and scars to shape! Scary yet exciting. I have no idea what’s going to happen nor how it’s going to happen and I’m not ready but still got my boot on the start line! 😉

I’m not going to reflect on that year just yet, I’d rather focus on being around my family right now. But I will, probably as soon as I get back in Lille or Idk. Right now I’ll just share some pics so my first post of the year is full of smiles and light!

We aren’t exactly the partying type so we’ve had very quiet and chill days but we still have fun our way. The rain has yet to come so it’s been a bit hot but still okay. I had ice cream for breakfast this morning cos I’m an adult. 😀

I always look awkward in the pictures my brother take of me. Don’t I look lost or something? haha

I just needed to share my pretty dress somewhere as the only ones who’ve seen me are my tiny family. hehe Not exactly the best thing to wear here but I’m not very hot and I can’t give up black EVER

My little brother also wanted to “decorate” his eyes so I did as he asked! He has a hard time smiling. It’s either he makes a weird face or he looks weirdly neutral. But I still love him!

img_20161231_210827We had a nice dinner last night. I took a pic of the table like all the weird people do. Mom is the best!  It was just smoked chicken because there was so much and we were full we couldn’t get to the cari zourite (local thing, that’s like tiny octopuses cooked with a knowledge I don’t own) which we therefore ate for lunch today. Then we went at my sis and slept there after having played some Dobble ( a fun card game ), Uno and Scrabble which I almost won! 🙂

Today we put table decoration on our faces because who doesn’t? Sis’ son was a little upset when they arrived but he tagged along anyway!

I have two pics of me holding him and I look really pale in one but hey, I apparently am according to mom, bff and sis so it’s whatever.

Oh, and just to add some Nature in that post, I’ll show you this. That’s a bit of the path we take to go at my sis’ new place. She lives really close now it’s awesome! We can see the mountain nearly everywhere we are; I love that so much! >w< There’s a lot of sugar cane fields everywhere and that’s great.  I haven’t really been out of town so far so really, you’re only going to see the same side of the same mountain and same for the sea! 😛

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I’d like to point out that I am the tallest so far. And it’s funny cos I’m so tiny around everyone else! I truly hope that Gaby does get taller than me though cos I don’t wanna be! x) And as you can see, like mother like daughter, my mom has a hard time posing. :3

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Then we had a selfie spree and I’m posting them all cos it’s precious! We don’t have that much pictures of us together so this is gooooold! Also our first pictures with the little Hugo! ❤

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And last but not least, a pic of all five of us! It was hard getting all our heads to fit in there but we managed!


It’s only missing Lilly in the picture cos she was away today! But I’ll make sure to force her into some once she’s back!

Love love love! I still have a little less than twelve days to spend here, I’m trying my best to make them shine.

I am thankful for 2016’s bullshit cos it was actually some nice lvl up potions hidden in a big pile of stinky shit. And I’m really happy to have been able to close that chapter with these weird people on this weird floating piece of rock full of lava. This is the best way to put it all behind and find the strength to kick the next one in the teeth and get back to being the main player in that game.

They can be really annoying but even then their light still shines brighter than any wonder and make a part of me smile. I’d be nothing without them. ❤

So, yeah, bring it on 2017. It’d be nice if we could be friends! 😉


5 thoughts on “New year, same us!

  1. UkeBaby Kim

    What a wonderful way to give us all an inside peek!! AND I really love that black dress on you!! Every gal should have a little black dress–and that was is beautiful on you–you are such a pretty girl, Chloe–both inside and out!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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