The Versatile Blogger Award


Last morning I woke to a comment on my latest blog post and quite a surprise! It was a nice comment by the lovely Mrinalini also telling me that she nominated me for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’. First of all, I mean to say to whomever reads this to maybe check out her blog here. She blogs all about beauty: hair, skin, make up looks and reviews and whatnots; it’s worth checking! 😉 And then I’d like to thank her because this is such an unexpected thing (especially as I had no idea there was such an award before haha) and it’s also very sweet. I had no idea my blog could be appreciated in such a way, so thank you. ❤

Okay, so if you’re like me and don’t know wtf this is all about let me just give you the rules right here:

  1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you cos that’s common sense and also link to their website because you’re a very nice human ❤
  2. Nominate at least 10 bloggers for the award and of course, link to their blogs. And don’t forget to notify them (so they know, you know… :-P)
  3. Tell 7 facts about yourself that your readers might not be aware of.

I went on the Versatile Blogger Award blog to have an idea of what it actually means and this is what I gathered. Basically, it has to do with the overall quality of the blog and the place they hold in your life. You like the content, the style, the personnality, the work, the thoughts, the ideas, the human, the colors, or maybe just a simple detail that make them stand out in your eyes even if you won’t call yourself “fan #1”, see what I mean? So, the blogs I nominate are blogs of people whose work I admire and respect and who inspire me, motivate me, or even just put a smile on my face every day or every now and then.

Here are the special blogs who have a special place in my messy mind and for which I’m thankful for. And shout out to the people who run them (obviously! haha) because they shine really bright to me! You guys have made my whole wordpress experience worth it and I never thought that starting a blog meant being so lucky that I get to peek inside other amazing people’s universe. There you go (click on their names for the links, idjits 😉 ):

Now, you’ll notice that this isn’t ten blogs because you can count even though I put bullet points and not numbers. Rules are made to be broken (yeah yeah yeah 😛 ). The reason I couldn’t put more is because this is it. These are the most important blogs that I’ve come across so far and I can’t just force over names in the list because this has to be special, right? And to be honest, they’re each so amazing that they count for two which gives us a total of 10 actually sooooo… 😉

To whomever reads this, I’d suggest you stop by their universe if you have the time to be blown away by the human in them. Amazing people.

Alright, moving on to this last part of this, which is seven facts about me.

  1. I used to be a complete jerk until I opened up to music and music opened me up and I became the sensitive mess that we all know.
  2. I love video games and I’m actually quite good at them; once I’m explained the basics I learn real fast!
  3. I have actually never been in an English-speaking country nor do I have English blood (pointing that out because I always get ask this whenever people hear me speak English, like come on, I don’t sound that good x) ).
  4. I once arrived LAST at a school race when I was around 14/15yo. I was last and there were at least 200 people running… (Not so sure about the number of people but it was like the second half of the school, the older ones, so a lot of people.) And I was really proud though!
  5. I’m self-taught for the most part but I once had a guitar lesson! Back in highschool, I was trying to be real serious about guitar and when I saw that they had guitar lessons at my old primary school, I told mom I wanted to go. I went, a little anxious, it was fine. The dude kept telling me I was already really good and he knew I would get far because he could see it in my soul (he didn’t say that, I’m just being dramatic haha). But I never went again cos I got scared and I didn’t want to walk under the sun.
    So when mom went to pay them (without me cos I was too scared) and tell them I wouldn’t come again, she told them a terrible lie when they ask why? She panicked and explained that I couldn’t come anymore because I had cut my hand real bad so I couldn’t play for a while. And he was like “aw, I hope she’ll be alright though cos I know she can go places”.
    Two years later I cut my finger in Lille which lead to me becoming a left-handed player. I believe that’s Karma. x)
  6. I’m not so bad at cooking and actually getting better. And I can make really nice vegan carrot-cinnamon muffins.
  7. I have a big crush on Shiloh Fernandez.

There you go haha

Celebrate those special people in your life and those special places on the internet that make your life much more magical each day. The best awards that you can give someone are the little things you can do for them and the bigger ones too. A smile, show support about projects they care about, flowers, bringing them a glass of water, a like on a picture, a link to their blog… 😉 There are endless possibilities to show you care and they come from the tiniest thing to the bigger stuff you can come up with. And you know what? “Size” really doesn’t matter when it comes to this because no matter how tiny it looks, it’s always full of the good things(or at least it should…)!

Having a blog is really all about sharing and connecting. Being a human acutally is a lot about connecting too. I think life really is about the people, connections, the experiences, all of that. So, live on. ❤


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