Words from me


I sometimes save some things I type or say during conversations in a notebook or on my phone, or just send them to myself. I often end up thinking that it’s a weird thing to do but then I realize that this is just me keeping my idea tank full. It’s no secret that I often dramatize pretty much anything that I talk about and sometimes I just read myself and I’m like, hey, that’s interesting, I’ll save it somewhere, it might come in handy later. Anyways, this blog needs a new post so here’s a quote from my past self, talking about Meteorites, the first love short story I wrote, that came out of nowhere:

It just sort of happened. You know, like a glass would slip through your fingers, fall to the floor and break. Except it was backwards. I accidentally had a broken glass fall in my hands and fix itself.
Don’t forget that I do like me some poetry, so it’s not like it was impossible. Sometimes it’s nice to have people’s guts stay inside them. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Alright, well, what a post! ๐Ÿ˜›
I’m currently working on chapter VIII of Uncage the Night (you can read the first chapterย here if you feel like it… It’s not so bad and I don’t know maybe you’ll enjoy it? And then maybe you’ll hate me when I’ll take another eight months for the next chapter Ha ha!) The first draft, shitty as usual, is coming out of me, finally. Slowly, but it is happening! I really just can’t wait to finish the story completely so that I can move on to writing something better and bigger!
I still haven’t sorted out the categories nor fully taken care of the looks of my blog, and I know it’s been ages since I was supposed to. I will really try to do it as soon as I can. Not that I’m busy at all lately, but Time and I just can’t get along and I’m always left behind. So, yeah, trying to keep up but not been very productive lately.
Also, final decision: I won’t be buying a guitar until I’m in Ireland. I’ve invested a lot of money in the voice lessons and will be having at least eight in the next three months I believe so that’ll make up for the lack of guitar. Then I’ll have to bust my ass off to get back the shitty lvl I had and progress faster than the wind on a six-string. I’m already feeling more confident about my voice and feeling progress! That teacher is awesome!
That’s all that’s news for now I think… I posted my latest drawing on my instagram and also a little clip of me singing, if you want to check them out!
So, until next post (which will hopefully be the next chapter of Uncage), stay strong and love yourselves! โค

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