A few news from home!


19942613_1507915275942543_529023101883711320_oToday, it’s already been SIX days I’m home! (WTWTFWTFWTFWTFWTFWTF) If Time could just slow down its insane pace for a little, while I’m here, I’d very much appreciate it and then we can go back to running like crazy fuckers.

I actually don’t have much to share just yet. Same old, same old. Been playing games a LOT cos we’re a bunch of geeks I guess? (Don’t tell my brother I said that, hehe)

My nephew’s grown like wtf!! He’s started walking a bit and my, it’s cray and also amazing to get to watch a little human bean grow like that and discover things you’ve been familiar with for over 20 years. A journey and it teaches you a lot about life too!

I saw my best friend again yesterday. We didn’t talk much really. But enjoyed each other’s presence! Took a short walk to the sea! She’s so pretty and man, seeing her grow into such a strong and perfectly imperfect woman just feels so great! Distance hurts sometimes but as soon as we get together, it’s like I never even left.


Also, I’ve been playing a bit of guitar. My sweet Lady Revenge is still kicking even though no one touches her when I’m not here! My right pointer finger is completely scarred and has been for a little while, but it does hurt me after a while when I play. And it’s still a bit sensitive. However, I’ve managed toΒ  play for longer than the last time I was here so it’s still healing and that’s good to know that I can actually still play!

But I really do feel more comfortable as a left-handed guitarist now so I won’t be investing in a right-handed guitar when I save enough money. I know how silly it can be to CHOOSE to play left-handed when it comes to costs and all of that, and as my finger is actually better and I could probably keep playing on it forever, I shouldn’t. But it’s more of a feeling, you know?20170710_160330

I think it’s a bit like with language. As much as I can speak French (well, maybe not so well, but I write okay? Not so well either. :-p) and I could probably gather a bigger audience doing so since, well, I’m French and so are most people that I know, I choose to do most everything in English. Because that’s how I feel more comfortable to express myself. And well, I think it’s the same thing. Glitch was my second chance and, I don’t think it’d feel okay to go back. I’ll stay on that side of the road, don’t mind me.

And I think that’s about all the time and thoughts I have for now. It all feels the same and it feels good. I’m happy that it rains! I brought my Eeyore with me as always but my little rain cloud is with me too. I’ve got feelings happening inside right now and the not-so-bright type, I’m thinking to try and write a song out of some or whatever. We’ll see…

It’s good to be back. There’s light. But the darkness follows, no matter how far or how fast I can run. There’s something missing. Maybe it’s me. I’m glad to see my mama and my sister happy. And my doggy is the happiest right now, really. And he gets really scared and worried when he sees me walk towards the door. It breaks my heart. But when I see him jumping around when I come to him and his eyes shining so bright in spite of the neverending sadness in them brought in by grief, I’m happy.

Not much news, maybe another day. I still haven’t met with friends so that might be a topic of conversations! We will see!!!!!! I’m just gonna make a quick post with the three videos I just posted on my main yt channel. Not much but it’s with Revenge!!! πŸ˜€

Until next post, enjoy the little things and don’t let the shadows eat away at your heart and kill hope. ❀


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