Uncage the Night, Chapter IX


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In this chapter, we meet a new character, Anthony, a detective as he unveils disturbing truths about Leslie’s neighbors.

The tape was found deep in Herbert’s chest, labelled like in one of those clichΓ© horror movies: Play me.
Anthony couldn’t lie, he found it quite humorous at the time. But eighteen hours had passed and now that he had listened to it countless of times, all it did was chill him to the bone. The tape lasted one full hour and fifteen minutes, including six long minutes of static by the end of it.

“What a sick bitch…”, he whispered to himself.
He stretched his arms and then stirred his coffee. It was eight o’clock on Monday morning and the culprit had been brought into the interrogation room. Finally.
It was Herbert’s wife. He was looking at her from the other side of the one-way mirror.
She looked pathetic. The mere sight of her made him sick. She was a monster for what she had done. No matter the motives, it was still murder. Although his sensitive heart was being tricked by her tears, making him feel for her, he knew she was guilty and the next hour could only confirm it.

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