A productive day!


Today was pretty intense! And also, it flew by so fast!!!

I managed to do a lot of work, which I’m really happy about.

Tuesdays are usually my “soft” days in that, since the cleaning lady is here in the morning, my free time is dedicated to music theory practice. Meaning, I do some sight-reading and various exercises in the two guitar workbooks that I have.


Today, I completely nailed this ear training drill on intervals! It made me so fucking happy, I swear!

I had some struggles with the sight reading exercise when it came to playing with the metronome. But just reading the notes, I can do. I cannot just yet read&play as I go. But, in time, it’ll happen. Ha ha! And anyways, I kept at it through the headache and I will practice the same exercise again this week.

Like I had planned, I also did two Italian exercises on irregular verbs in the morning. What I hadn’t planned, though, was the time it took… I thought it would be a matter of fifteen minutes but as it turned out, I spent a solid 45 minutes on it. And that’s because I was really serious about it, translating the sentences in both French and English as I worked on them. I guess it was the thrill of having bought a new dictionary haha

I also, of course, did all my chores. And, the only bad thing though is that, I was so thrilled by my work that I forgot to work out! (Which I will make up for tomorrow!!! 😉 )

And last but not least, I just finished my first draft for the next chapter of my story, Uncage the Night. It will be published by the end of this week. I’m not sure when I’ll finish it exactly, but it will be posted before next week for sure.


All those words just to say that I am very satisfied with the amount of work that I got done today, even though I didn’t cross out everything on my list. I’m really, really, really pleased by this day. And although I would love to write more and ramble on about my satisfaction and pride, I must go. It is super late and I need sleep. Yet another long-short day tomorrow!


happy productive cookie

Until next post, get enough rest! Can’t walk the walk if you can’t even leave the bed! ❤