I hurt myself playing a chicken game with the kids.


The kids have been off school since last Thursday and they’re going back tomorrow (phew!).

I knew it was going to be intense but my imagination had underestimated reality.

On Friday, we spent so many hours in the back garden playing soccer and other games that we were all exhausted by tea time. And I survived the long day, but not without a sore leg.

I just got a little too crazy about the games and well, apparently I’m not 7 anymore..

So, over the weekend it got enough time to heal. And you know what I did yesterday? I went too hard on the soccer and chicken game once again and the sore was back.

And then, today, as it felt better again, I played some more soccer with Adam. I was okay. Until tonight, after dinner, we played that chicken game that we made up and it got so intense… When I was going for my third egg, my leg started to hurt again.

Therefore, from now on, we’ve decided to call this game the No Chill Chicken game!

Anyways. I’m not sure why I’m sharing this, but glad I got it out!

So, I think I’m just gonna drop the work for tonight and simply go straight to bed.

I’m a little concerned for I have been doing that a little too much lately. I guess it’s cos I’m in holiday mode with the kids. We’ll see if it all goes back to normal tomorrow as they go back to school and I go back to my morning free time.

Which hopefully I won’t waste.

But, you know, as I sung it in In a /ticking/ Cage, “Will I ever learn? Well, no!”. I mean, I’ve literally been making the same mistakes over and over when it comes to my free time so…

I still have hope though!!

I only have nine days left before I fly back home. And that includes only six days where I can spend my mornings working on music. So I hope I make the most out of it. Although I intend to keep the vocal practice going when I’m at my mom’s!

Also, this weekend is my last with E. For now at least.. Aaaaaaaaah! We’re going to make the most out of it! I’ll probably tell you some of our adventures!

Anyways! Off I go!

Early bedtime for me today! πŸ™‚