Performing for the first time tonight!!


Hey there!

I still haven’t finished the post about my holidays back home, but it is on its way. It contains feelings which are hard to get out just yet, so it’ll take the time it needs!

I just wanted to write this right here to let you all know that I will be performing at an open mic tonight in the city! It will be my first ever musical performance and I cannot wait!

I will be singing Brandi Carlile’s what can I say alongside my latest original song, Running Gag.

I’ve been practicing all week long! I’m a little nervous right now even though it’s only four hours away. But I’m confident!

I’m going to be watching some Brooklyn 99 right now and rest my voice for a while! I wanted to do some work but my brain is too ecstatic for me to do anything other than relax atm.

I literally can’t wait anymore!! I am not fully ready, but I am so ready!!

I will definitely be blogging about it tomorrow!! Maybe I’ll even get some videos of it, which would be great!

I will do my best and I hope that it all turns out awesome and I can have some nice memories of this first time!