Calendoodles || Your year at a glance


Hi, everyone! Welcome to a post I’m really excited to share!

(I’ve made a video about it already, if you haven’t seen it, click here! And, if you come from the video, why, hello there and welcome to my blog!)

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a thing that I like to call Calendoodles which is an art project that I started at the beginning of this year.



Calendoodles is the fusion of a calendar & doodles. The idea came from my need for a year-at-a-glance type of thing that could both document my journey and also look pretty cool on a wall.

I actually wrongly stated in the video that it was before I started a bullet journal, which is in fact, not true, since I started my bujo in November. Just a little side note.


My intention was to use a much bigger format.

In my head, I pictured it as a huge poster on a wall of my room, that I would fill in every single day, and it would be that cool thing to look at every night before sleeping and thinking, “Wow, I’m so alive!” It would literally be an overview of the year, small enough to fit on a wall, yet big enough to mimic a year’s gone.

However, as I still live with my host parents, I resorted to something much smaller than I had in mind. So, I settled for an A5 format, and stuck three pages from my sketchbook together.

I found that using this format was a little constricting sometimes as the boxes can feel too small and therefore kind of limit my creativity. But it still works for me, and since I can fold it and put it in my sketchbook, it is portable, which is pretty cool in the end!

A doodle a day!

The concept is pretty simple: for each day that goes by, you doodle a thing that either represents events of that day or your emotions on that particular day.

Now, as you go, you might find, like I did, that sometimes it feels better to fit two or more days into a single box. Not because of lack of space, but because life isn’t as constant and organized as a calendar, and sometimes days melt together, no matter the amount of dusk and dawns.

And that is literally all there is to it. A doodle a day, to keep a creative representation of your year.

I can show you a close up on some of my days, if you’re curious.

I can go from drawing every single thing that happened to just key things. I can also draw metaphors or jokes to sum up a day. Or, sometimes, I might draw a simple icon to show the theme of the day: for example, an empty battery on a day I was exhausted(although that surely wasn’t the only thing that I was/did on that day.)

Sometimes I don’t draw anything, I just put a color to represent how I was feeling that day/how that day felt, or simply the main color that the memory of that day is painted with.

Rarely do I use words, because that’s the opposite of what this is about. But, sometimes, I did get lazy with the creativity and other times, it just had to be words.

And, of course, let’s not forget to put the date!! Ha ha

What’s the point, though?

It is an aesthetic and creative way to have glance at your year as you go. Also, I think there’s also something very satisfying about filling boxes; or maybe that’s just me.

As silly as it can seem, I think it is a very helpful tool.

I was talking about it earlier on the phone with my sister and she told me “but you can’t remember everything that happened”, to which I answered, ” yeah….”. I realize that! And sometimes when I look back at some doodles I’m puzzled because, one, they’re so cryptic I can’t decode the message (haha), and two, I just don’t remember the day at all because it wasn’t anything too big so it’s stored in the very depths of my memory which I cannot reach on demand if ever.

But calendoodling isn’t about remembering the days strictly speaking, rather not forgetting where you’ve been. You might not remember what every day has been made of, but when you take two steps back and you look at your year overview on those sheets of paper, (and it’s the middle of may and you’re having an existential life crisis wondering where has your time gone, what is your life), and you see all those little boxes, each for a day that you’ve lived through and accomplished, if not basic tasks or bigger ones, to walk forward into another one and another one and another..

Calendoodles help me remember life, the bigger picture. They show baby steps and bigger ones. They show simple days and empty ones. And they simply show that I kept going and I keep going. They serve as a reminder that I have lived and they help document my journey as I go.

It’s all about the little things that create the bigger picture.

Will you join me?

So, that’s Calendoodles !


By sharing this, I hope I can get some of you jump on the Calendoodle train so we can all be calendoodling together all over the world!

So, if you too wish to capture your days in small boxes and be able to look back at your year and see the many waves of your life as it moves forward, then you are more than welcome to start your own Calendoodle!

Now, keep in mind though that, this is a personal project, so you do as you please. Whatever you wanna do works. The only rule is a doodle a day, and even that rule can be broken!!

So, I hope you get even more creative with your calendar and your doodles and find more ways to make this thing more awesome and more fitted to your personality, creativity and needs!

If you do decide to start calendoodling your life, then please, let me know, either by using the hashtag #calendoodle or tagging me in pictures/posts/videos/etc. I’d love to see what your versions of it look like and hear your stories!

That’s it for me! What an exciting post to write!

I can’t lie, I’m really proud to have come up with a thing, and I hope we can share it together and be calen-buddies!

Happy doodles! ❤

DIY pencil holder


Today, I finally finished a little DIY I had pending and waiting in my closet for a week now. It is nothing new to me for it is something I have been doing forever since my sister taught me. In the house, we’ve always been about reusing stuff, creative recycling and just plain don’t-throw-too-much-away-we-don’t-have-money-to-buy-loads-of-stuff-so-build-your-dreams-yourself!

When I was younger, my beautiful sister introduced me to toilet rolls recycling. And as it turns out, when you just stop for a minute before you throw something in the bin, you realize there’s so much more adventure ahead of it. Also, I’m not gonna lie, my sister and I are basically hoarders and we just have that tendency to just keep things, “in case”. But anyways, not the story I’m telling today!IMG_20171111_124742.jpg

So, what I made is a pencil holder. Something that can always come in handy AND also make your desk look more organized and stylish (given these are things you aspire for). Now, they sure do sell really cool stuff out there. Simple, straight-to-the-point ones and crazier ones. Colorful, weird shapes, only one simple cup or dozen of compartments to fit a thousand pens. But, when you’re looking to save money you don’t even have, toilet paper rolls will do just fine. And you only need seven and a little bit of time!


What I love the most about this is that it’s really easy to make and once you’ve gather enough rolls, it’s ready in a matter of minutes! And you can customize it any way you want!!!

I went for an “unfinished” type of look. I really didn’t need it to be perfect or anything so I tried to make it look cool without doing too much either. AND I’d like to point out that I did put some orange on there even though I hate the color. I wanted to go for a colorwheel feel but put another color instead of or**ge and then I decided why the fuck?  Why should orange have less opportunities to shine than any other color just cos i don’t like it? Why should i treat colors different than people? And I just put it on! Well, quite a story we have there… haha

How to? Here are the easy steps to follow:

  • Gather enough toilet paper rolls. Seven will do but you can get more if you want a bigger pencil holder! I used six and a long one from a kitchen roll for the middle.IMG_20171111_120431.jpg
  • Get a piece of paper or cardboard and dispose your rolls on it however you want them to go. I usually do a flower shape like on the picture, with the longest one in the middle. Then trace it around them and cut the paper into the right shape.
  • Then, you just stick it onto the paper/cardboard so you have a more solid base and also, so the pencils won’t fall off if you move it around. Honestly, if you’re just going to leave it on your desk, you might not even need to do that, just glue/tape the rolls together and the trick is done! 😉
  • Then you just paint it or you don’t. You can do whatever you want to make it look good to you and blend into your desk paysage. And there you have it, a brand new pencil holder exactly how you need it!

That’s how I’ve been making them since forever. But you can get more creative with it if you feel like it. There’s tons of different ways you can revisit it and make it your own. We all don’t have the same pencil needs. Ha ha IMG_20171111_120436.jpg

I, for example, added a little(very very small, man; I didn’t think it through) compartment in the front for paper clips and whatnots. Right now I only put googly eyes in it but ya know.

I like having a tall one in the middle so I can put different things in there like rulers or plastic flowers! It turns out it was the perfect size for my long paintbrushes so they can now finally enjoy the fresh air out of their case. Besides, I think it makes it look even cooler to have brushes in there; it screams “I’M An ARtIsTT So?” 😛

Color-coding isn’t exactly my thing but I guess it can be a good idea to organize your compartments. Also, if you really have loads of time on your hands, you can add a little top on one or many of them to put stuff other than pens in there. You can also tie a string in there and hang it somewhere. And you can also cut the rolls in half and and make smaller compartments for other stuff.

Endless possibilities… I got your attention focused on the toilet rolls, now you go and be creative about it and fill your house (don’t, please) with useful toilet diy!

I do realize this post would’ve been much more interesting to look at had I  thought about taking more “step by step” pictures. But I just had no intention of posting about that. Only this morning I figured I should post about it now that it’s finished, because, considering the reaction of my Irish family, this is not exactly what comes into mind when you see the end of your toilet paper roll. Sharing is caring! Save the rolls!

My room is still pretty messy but, excuse me, I’m still trying to figure out how to work on everything I care about all the while doing my job and being the best version of me that I can be each day(even when sick/exhausted/out of it) for the kids and also socialize and go out and explore. It’s really hard. HOW! But yeah, at least I have a cool pencil holder now and my small cupboard is not so messy anymore (unless you look inside… hehe)

Until next post, may your pencils never be homeless again! ❤