To My Butterfly (original song)


A song that I wrote last year for my best friend, Lilly! ❤

This is a very poor recording, I know. But really the best I manage to get out of me this week. I’ve been feeling really tired this week which made everything a bit harder to do! I really wanted it out before next week, and she was impatiently waiting for it, so here it is! I’m pretty sure I’ll upload a better version of it in maybe one or two months once I get better at guitar and singing! 😉

You can find the lyrics down below:

It took me an hour, now it’s on fire!

Something went wrong with the song…

I wanted you to see what I get to see

When you’re here with me,

But my pen stood up against me,

It knows how to torture me.

It took me an hour, now I’m on fire,

Throwing everything away,

Breaking every line I say.

All I wanted to say was that

You’ve got to stray miles away from your head

So you don’t end up like me

With worms crawling behind my eyes,

Inside my mind,

From a bird that I’ve birthed.

Because you deserve much more

Than a street full of broken doors.

It took me an hour, everything’s on fire.

But at least it’s been spoken now.

At least it’s been spoken now…

I don’t want your hands to fade

Like the friends inside my head….

Oh, why?!

I hope, friend,

Your hands won’t fade;

Don’t let me fade.

I hope, friend,

Your wings won’t fade;

Don’t ever fade.

I hope you smile.

Breathe the light in,

Spit a lightning.

I hope you fly.

Don’t touch the sky,

Don’t be their lie.

Don’t die my butterfly!

There you go! That’s it for this song. Not much to add.

Spread love.


Dead Pen (original song)


It’s been one month since I last uploaded something on my YouTube channel and well, I really felt I had to do something about it TODAY. So, there you go:

Picked this one out of the others because, in all honesty, it was the only one worth being called a ‘song’! And, I relate so much to it at the moment! I can’t write shit. But I’m on my way to squeeze it out of me! 😉

I remember the day I wrote it. I was at my sister’s. Woke up at around 10:30AM. She was already out for work. I got up grabbed some fruits, fed the cats while watching cartoons. Then I picked up Revenge and sat on the bench with the intention of working on a song I crafted the day before. And I was sooo desperate as nothing was working. I tried working on different unfinished songs and it just wouldn’t come out. And I think I was also under the pressure(self-inflicted, of course) of writing a song for the birthday of my best friend which I did write eventually, and by “accident” too (and which I shall record once I manage to record it… hopefully, in less than a month!). Anyways, I got tired so I put everything away and just strummed my frustration away and BAM, this song came out of my mouth without a warning. Alright, that was a pretty useless flash-back paragraph but yeah, that’s how it happened. 😛

I was busy working on drawings and paintings this week for the upcoming birthdays of my family! So, I was not just sleeping my days away or whatnot. Was busy sacrificing time and parts of me to create a physical manifestation of the love I have for other beings than myself.

Hope it reached you somehow and meant something! 😀

It feels good to finally have something posted on my virtual universes. Ha ha!


Bal Masqué – Original song


Told my sister I would put the video out today so here it is.

This song has been waiting over a year now. I still suck very much at guitar, it’s only been a little more than three months I’m playing as a left handed now, and let’s be honest, I didn’t practice enough everyday. But I’m getting there. Anyways.

This song was already pretty much that way when I left it for dead in my notebook, I just moved a few things here and there and added a bit of words. But yes, it was pretty much this way when I started it. I listened to it again a few days ago and I figured I needed to get it done finally because I still relate to the story it tells and it needs to get out of my chest. It’s a really simple song, I like it that way. No fancy strumming(and not only cos I still suck at it, haha!), no fancy chords, no fancy words. It’s just a simple story and I didn’t want to change it because it makes more sense that way.


Here are the brilliant lyrics:

All I ever wanted was to dance with you,
Feel your warmth all over me for a while.

You promised a helping hand,
Said you’d be there, you wouldn’t judge.

You lied but kept the mask on your face all along.

All I ever wanted was your hand to hold,
Keep my head above the water.

All this time I was holding on to thin air…
You were never there.

You lied but kept the mask on your face all along.

All I ever wanted was the friend in you
But you let me down,
Buried me alive.

Open wounds that will never heal,
So much scars and my body’s ill.

All I ever needed was a friend.
I’ll never forget
And I’ll never stop bleeding, oh no.

I hope you liked it! 😉

I messed up here and there. Which is no big deal because the feelings were there. And well, I’m not a computer so obviously I had to fuck something up with EACH take I shot. Ha ha Just remember that this is the “best” I could do. haha I was tired. I think that when I get better I might make a better version of it. That sounds like fun! 🙂

I think it’s important to keep track of your progress and writing and recording songs at every level you reach helps document that and it’s awesome. Look at me, still a baby guitarist and baby singer, in a year or less when I will have made (let’s be very optimistic)a lot of progress, I’ll look back at this and realize how I’ve come a long way. Yeah, I think it’s important to document your progress, it helps you stay grounded somehow and never forget where you’re from, where you started.

So there you go! My first original to be shared on the internet. Yay! 😀