Tiny plaster mouldings

My mom sent me this silicone mold a few months ago:


And yesterday I finally bought something to use it with. I had never used plaster before but it went pretty well, I didn’t make a mess. I just made a little too much and let it dry in my tiny box and then took five minutes to get it out. Other than that it went okay.

After a little less than one hour, I got to the fun part. Painting them with all the new acrylic paints I bought that same day(it was 50% off!).


This is the part where I fucked up a bit. My hands kept shaking and after a little while the sky got darker and I couldn’t see well. But oh well.

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I know the pictures aren’t great but I just needed a proof that I did something creative yesterday! Ha ha I gave the little bird to my roommate because it looked like a chocolate candy!

They’re not perfect. But it was fun! Can’t wait to make more!!