Hello there and welcome to my virtual bubble!

Thank you for giving it a chance. Now, I don’t know how you got here in the first place nor why you’re sticking around but there’s loads of various content to be found in this maze.

I honestly do not think that anyone actually ever clicks on this page but if there is a person reading this for real, thanks? I guess that, since you clicked, I might as well let you know a few things before you dive into the depths of my blog. Let’s start with a bullet point list to help you carve your expectations:

  • I’m an artist of many arts. I like to try my hands at everything and I just so happen to be serious about a lot of them at once. Why pick?
  • There’s darkness everywhere; but as a modern shade of light.
  • Poetry, exaggerations, words, words, words, too many words, someone stop me
  • Feelings, thoughts, rambling; me, me, me, me
  • Very dark really, (sad sometimes), but blue also. A lot of rain but always some candles and rainbows. I’m not censoring my pain and struggles. Why sugarcoat? Life is not cake.
  • It’s just me going through life, struggling to exist on and on, learning, blooming…
  • Horror stories, poems, drawings, paintings and songs (which should be the main thing but, oh look, there’s only a handful of them). Sharing all my art & bits of breaths
  • Like it says up there: Me, my brain, my hands
  • My thoughts, my struggles, my life experiences. I share anything I feel like and sometimes they come with a package of advice, motivational words or a free existential life crisis bundle! 😉
  • Pieces of me, all of it is free.

This is a personal blog so, obviously, it revolves around me and my life. And even more obviously, it is seeing the universe through the lens of my dark brown eyes. You shouldn’t be expecting anything else, really. It’s my little bubble and I feel it with all different shades of me and my world(s).

Now, onto the content. It’s pretty messy. That’s the thing with not doing only one big thing, it’s all mixed up together and it’s not always easy to find your way through it. Even for me! Ha ha Thankfully, we’ve got categories to try and tidy up this mess a little bit, and get the similar posts regrouped together if you’re more into a steady stream of posts.

The category “Peek Inside” regroups all of the posts directly about my life in general and all my thoughts and rambles of my mind. So that’s the button you gotta avoid if you don’t want to hear about the new notebook I bought or a dramatic speech about seeing a deer. You’ll see there’s loads of posts in there. It is like peeking behind the curtains. You get to see parts of my life and parts of me that might not show elsewhere, but it’s still not the whole thing; not ever, no. Just little peeks. I obviously can’t/wouldn’t spread out my whole mind and heart for you to see like that. 😛

Then you have the three other categories which regroup my three weapons of choice. You have my music with occasional posts about music that inspires me and moves me, but mostly my originals and covers. It is pretty empty for now but it should start getting fuller and fuller pretty soon! Then you have my art; so all paintings, drawings and whatever stuff I make. And then, there are my writings; all stories and poems.

I like the spread out of all my categories in the sidebar so you can always pick out a special category depending on your mood. Scrolling down the main feed is pretty cool, but posts just come in such random orders that sometimes, you might need to read things in an orderly fashion and know exactly what type of posts you’re going to see next. Have fun with that!

And I think that’s about it!

Nostrum & I welcome you with a very warm heart into our virtual bubble. We thank you for your time and if you stick around, we’re even more thankful. We wish you all the best in your life quests and we hope to bring some form of light in there, somewhere!


Spread the love and stay confused? ❤


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