Hello there and welcome to my blog!


Right now, it is pretty messy, I need to tidy it up a bit and make it a little easier for people to navigate through the deep maze that it is. But soon enough it might actually look okay.

This page is a draft butΒ quickly, here’s what you need to know before you dive into my virtual bubble:

  • I’m a (baby) artist of many arts
  • Darkness everywhere but as a modern shade of light
  • Poetry, exaggerations, words, words, words, too many words, someone stop me
  • Pictures
  • Feelings, thoughts, rambling; me, me, me, me
  • Very dark really, sad, blue, a lot of rain but always some candles and rainbows
  • Just me going through life, struggling to exist on and on
  • Horror stories, poems, drawings, paintings and songs (which should be the main thing but, oh look, there’s only a handful of them)
  • Like it says up there: Me, my brain, my hands
  • My creations, my thoughts, my stories
  • Pieces of me, all of it it’s free, I share to keep me alive

Alright, that ought to do it for now. I’m really struggling to keep myself together and get anything at all done, so this might take some time, but some day, I have faith that I will actually write a decent home page for this blog!

Spread the love and stay confused? ❀



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