Untitled acrylic on paper, 2.16.17



So, I kind of (totally) ruined the face on my portrait and  now I can’t bring myself to go back to working on it just yet. I had two pretty shitty days. Not completely shitty. Rather bittersweet but really tough on that bitter part. The taste still haunts the back of my mouth.

Anyways, so I painted this today instead of working on the portrait. I’m like really happy with how it turned out. All the colors put together and the texture and wow. Shame though that my pictures don’t really let it shine through. However, I have noticed that the pictures that I take on my phone do look a little better while I’m on my computer so I actually have a small hope now that you might see it in a slightly better quality that I do. I can NOT see the turquoise at the bottom of the painting on my phone, it’s like dark blue and on the computer is better. So yeah. Still frustrated though. Ha ha!16808739_1361814600552612_2145723990_n

I didn’t give this painting a name. It just doesn’t have one. It’s filled with sadness, hope and dreams is all I can say. I painted it while listening to a playlist of Wet’s songs on youtube. I just love their music and sometimes it’s really all I need to listen to.

I still haven’t completely lost my mind. But I hardly see myself surviving another month without a guitar in my bed. It’s just so hard, you know. I mean, I already don’t have a cat or a dog or anything, which is bad enough considering I grew up with pets and it’s such an empty life without at least one around. But no guitar just makes this whole thing more pointless. I can feel all my energy just being drained from my body and mind and pretty soon I’ll be a more literal mess.

I also am putting a lot of pressure on myself because this is important and it feels like it’s been three years since I last played. I have barely a one-year experience as left-handed player and it can just fade so fast in such short time. I’m gonna go crazy over guitar practice when I buy a new one because I’m just crazy about this whole thing and I’ve been slacking off so much ever since I was born and I gotta work or I’ll never get anywhere I’d like to. This is horrible.

Good things are coming my way in a little less than two weeks. There’s the rock show, the singing lessons, going to Paris to meet Kim and just, you know, still breathing! But right now, it just weighs on me a lot and it’s fucking hard. I’m still pushing through which is great, I guess. Not giving up, that’s good. But you know, I won’t lie. It’s really hard on me. And the mess I made with my portrait just kicked me down too. I’m in a real fragile place right now which makes me even more sensitive than usual.

I keep trying to be positive to make things fall into place thanks to the power of a positive mind, you know. But I’m like, on the floor right now and can’t get that frown off my face. I really hope I can manage to buy that guitar next month.

Alright, this post is going nowhere. So I’ll just end it here. If I keep writing, it’ll just be me saying on and on how tired I am and how my mind is cracking and I NEED GUITARASDFGHJKL

Fruits & vegetables ❤


Angry blue heart, acrylic on paper, 02.10.17


I’m still sharing it, see?


I mean, it’s not my biggest work so far but it’s still something so much more intersting than this blurry ‘on sink + balanced on dishes’ very professional shot, I swear. This is so blurry. UGH! *anger intensifies*

The Creative Process


So, I’m working on a self portrait so I thought I’d let you in a bit and show you how I, you know, do the artz and I put together a nice little slideshow  for y’all. ❤

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What? That’s all part of the creative process. I’m a pro at concentration so I assure you this is 100.5% true.


Autumn rain, painting&poem, 01.21.17


Finished that painting today. It was pending since at least October and I’m so glad it’s finally over with cos I really need to feel like I’m moving forward, especially right now.


So, it’s acryclics on canvas, the usual A4 sized canvas sheet. The only thing this time is that I mixed the paint with some moulding plaster for the leaves (I tried to zoom in on a bit for you to see).

See, I had bought this rather big (not so much but compared to the size of the only moulds I have, quite a bit x) ) plaster bag a while ago and I finally came to the realization that I needed to get rid of it fast and that mom’s tiny moulds would never suffice. I thought about using it to get some texture with my acrylics which I still lack the technique to achieve “naturally”. I looked it up on the internet before doing it just to see if there were some steps to follow to ensure that it lasts or doesn’t break or anything, and I, of course, didn’t follow any of them because meh.

This being my first try, I’m not exactly satisfied with the level of texture that I achieved although I still think it’s pretty cool. The pictures won’t really show it though, unless I take close ups like the above. But it’s really interesting and I still have enough sheets and plaster to mess around some more with it and maybe even make something cooler!

I do have another “plaster painting” on the way which has been pending for pretty much as long as this one BUT might turn out better in some ways. Idek we’ll have to wait & see!

Anyways, the inspiration didn’t stop at my last brush stroke on this one; I also managed to write a poem to go with it! YAY RIGHT?

Autumn rain

Green is old

Yellow leaves

Leave the trees

I fall on my knees

And watch the bodies fall

Rain from a lower sky

Colors that refill my eyes

I think, here it is the Time

Where all things must die

Of a death that brings life

Orange drops

Red, brown dots

I grieve all alone

In the blazing cold

That rinses my bones

Turn the page,

Autumn rain.

Turn my page,

Make me new again.

Wooden towers

Fire showers

I now stand under

Waiting for the light of winter…

It’s 12:26AM and I find myself incapable of thinking so I’ll leave you just like this…

Until next time, don’t forget to brush your teeth! ❤

Washing Machine 8.3.2016



Washing Machine, ChloeRivs, 21 x 29,7 cm (A4), acrylics on canvas

This is my first ever painting on canvas! I’m really proud of it!

The quality of the picture doesn’t show exactly all its details (you can barely my signature at the top haha) but it’s the best I could get! I still have so much to learn and I’m looking forward to it. But I guess that for a first try, it’s fine! 😉

Now, I could go on and about when it comes to what it means from my point of view, but I won’t. I might write a poem or a short story or maybe even a song about it in the future. But for now I don’t have time for many words so I’ll just leave you with your own interpretations and enjoy the versatility of art!

Until next time! 😉

I hope my painting created something in you, some kind of reaction or something anything. Whether you just found it pretty or it made you think, I’m happy. As long as I managed to reach you in some ways!

Spread love,

A very tired and silent Chloë


Another painting on polystyrene!


I had another tiny square of polystyrene so I painted it for someone dear to me. I’ve started re-watching K-On! again(for the hundredth time at least) and it reminded me of what matters in life: food, music, friendship, food, sharing, music and sharing food with friends.

I dropped my brushes this time, mostly because my hands were a little too cold to be efficient with them. And, instead, I used a dry baby wipe to apply the paint on the piece of polystyrene.My hands were a mess afterwards but it looks awesome!

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I love doing these little progress slide shows. It’s fun. And I believe it’s also interesting to see the evolution of a work!

And, uh, it’s a… kind of abstract forest or something. WE DONT NEED WORDS ha ha