If Time had a voice
It would laugh at us all
Straight to our faces
While we waste our existences

But Time doesn’t speak
Time does nothing
But stand still
And it watches us
Hopeless bugs
While we try
To run after it
To “catch up” with it

But Time isn’t bleak
But Time does not leak
Time does nothing
But watch and kill

If Time had a voice
“No need to run
To catch a wuss”
It would say about us

Cause Time does not blink
No, Time does not shrink
It gets bigger as
It watches us
Hooked on our cuts

We run and fall
We cry and crawl
We’re hopeless bugs
While it’s tracking us

We’re chasing after Death
On this restless Earth
Thinking that this voiceless Time
Could be the missing piece
To our puzzled sins

If Time had a voice
It would not speak
Cause it knows how silence can make us weak.