The Fool, acrylics on canvas, 05.25.18



Still listening to City of Stars on repeat. Painted this last night. I was still trying to practice some floral moves for my mom’s birthday present, but I lost all control. The song drove me there. I love my story behind this painting, but I won’t share it out loud, just so you have all the room for your own interpretation! 😉

I’m not as proud of it as of my last painting(click here if you haven’t seen it yet), but like I literally just said, I love what it tells and it’s pretty colorful which feels good to look at. And yet, there’s still a little bittersweetness that linger in the back of my mouth when I look at it.

Until next post, keep dreaming through the storms! ❤


Shine through the rain


What a surprise was it, to find in a familiar crowd the familiar face of a complete stranger.

This week has had an okay start. Lovely surprises, good times, decent amount of productivity for my first two days after the holidays.

It’s been raining but when have I ever minded that? Rain is not the enemy.

I’m going to bed now. It’s late. Can’t wait for tomorrow to do things and live another lovely day!

I feel bright although the dark spots are still going pretty strong at the moment.

Until next post, keep burning even through the rain! ❤

It has to be a silly face