Tree sketch in my new sketchbook!


This was a sketchbook that I bought with the intention of using as a travel journal. Which I did, for a while, until I realized… I don’t really have a use for a travelling journal. I don’t travel this much lately anyway and also, it’s simply not really my thing.

Anyways, I am really proud of this tree sketch that I started yesterday and finished today. It’s my first page and it kicks ass!!


I’m growing very fond of Faber Castell’s PITT Artist Pens, to be quite honest. I loved them from the start and, although I didn’t really know how to use them properly, I knew it was the sh*t! And now that I’m getting used to them, I can only confirm how amazing they are! My favorite has to be the soft brush types because it gives me so much freedom of movements. And also, guys, the colors are !!!!!!

So, here’s a side to side of my tree and the reference tree outside of my house:



I really enjoyed doing that!

For one, because drawing outside is actually pretty fun! And also, because this little pointillism thing I’ve got going on for the leaves is both fun to do and beautiful!

So happy with this! And looking forward to filling out this sketchbook!


I still have another brand new sketchbook to start filling also! It’s an A4 one that I bought a couple months back cos it was 10€ instead of 25 or something!

There’s no such thing as too many sketchbooks though, am I right? Haha

Until next post, cherish Nature, please! ❤


A little sketch for Esther!


Hi everyone!

I wanted to share with you something I drew the other day for my dear friend, E!

It is a wibbly wobbly sketch of one of the pictures we took while in Kilkenny together! Some of the proportions don’t make sense but I still think it’s lovely. Surely doesn’t bring out the beauty of her hand, though. Hehe

She is going back to her homeland pretty soon and I will miss her dearly. So, I just keep making stuff for her. Filling them with love and the silent wish that I never fade in her memories.

We always have such a good time together and it makes me so happy to know that I can trust her with my head and heart.

Three cheers for friendship!

Afternoon tree sketches


The kids went out to play this afternoon. As it was really sunny, I grabbed a sketchbook and some pens in the hopes of sketching some nature.

I started out with one tree but quickly gave up as it was too naked and had too many branches for the little focus I could give it as I was keeping an eye on the kids at the same time!

Then, Emily joined me and we decided to work on the same tree. She quickly doodled hers all the while crying out several “Come on, Chloë, it’s easy! Come on, you can do it!”. Haha

I used my Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens and wow, it was so much fun! Sadly, I didn’t get to finish the colored sketch because the rain cut our afternoon short! But it was loads of fun!

I particularly enjoy the soft brush ones because they’re so flexible. You can make thick and super thin lines with them! And it flows so well on the paper! I find it a shame that my colored ones are simply brushes because they didn’t give me that much freedom of movement.

With Emily’s help, also, I used some fallen leaves and a flower to pretty up my “tree skeleton” and the result was very pleasing to look at!

It was a relaxing moment. Although the sun kept changing every minute and it was hard to keep up and get the right amount of light and shadows! Haha But I’m really happy with the result even though it is not finished!

I’m going to be posting another art related thing a little later on, so stay tuned if you’re interested! It’s a personal project that I’m sharing in hopes to inspire you and so that maybe you’ll join me and it’ll become a thing!

Cheers! ❤

Last drawing of the year…


*insert ominous music here*

Ha ha ha! This is actually a pretty hopeful drawing! I drew it earlier while I was watching a horror movie. I really wanted to sketch something quickly, looked around and saw my hand. At first, I didn’t want to do it because I knew it would be hard but then I realized, wtf, the struggle will teach you, don’t cower from it! And so I gave it a shot. And it turned out not so bad, my crooked hand…


It’s all in the palm of your hands… Your dreams, your life; all of it. Grab your reality by the neck, tell it “You belong to me!” and make it what you want it to be! 2018 is yet another year to make things happen.


I know it’s not been easy. You all got your personal lot of hard times and I know it’s all so heavy. But you made it so far, and that is in fact a beautiful thing. You’ve been brave, you’ve been strong and you’ve been so much more. Now, keep on searching for the light, guys, there’s so much good to come! ❤