My pastel attempt at Bob Ross’ Serenity


Yesterday was a rather slow and empty day for me, having been left rather shaken by my Sunday adventures. So, as I was looking for some peace of mind, I figured it was the perfect time to go on another art-venture with Bob Ross. If you haven’t seen my previous one, just click here.

I am still really proud of it. Although I recognize it lacks that shine and magic. I think the main issue here is that I didn’t start with a dark enough background which now leaves it looking pretty dull. Since he was working with black gesso, I was scared that if I made my pastel background too dark the other colors wouldn’t show. I guess I should’ve been bolder!..

Anyways, once again it was a lovely hour and a half. I did get a little bored towards the end (as you can see by the grass’ quality haha) but that’s just because yesterday I was in a very bad mood.

Gotta appreciate that little bit of water though, it looks marvellous! It’s just simple strokes, yet it still looks like water!! I think for the next one, I will try one of his ocean paintings, try out some waves!

Bob Ross rocks!!


Tree sketch in my new sketchbook!


This was a sketchbook that I bought with the intention of using as a travel journal. Which I did, for a while, until I realized… I don’t really have a use for a travelling journal. I don’t travel this much lately anyway and also, it’s simply not really my thing.

Anyways, I am really proud of this tree sketch that I started yesterday and finished today. It’s my first page and it kicks ass!!


I’m growing very fond of Faber Castell’s PITT Artist Pens, to be quite honest. I loved them from the start and, although I didn’t really know how to use them properly, I knew it was the sh*t! And now that I’m getting used to them, I can only confirm how amazing they are! My favorite has to be the soft brush types because it gives me so much freedom of movements. And also, guys, the colors are !!!!!!

So, here’s a side to side of my tree and the reference tree outside of my house:



I really enjoyed doing that!

For one, because drawing outside is actually pretty fun! And also, because this little pointillism thing I’ve got going on for the leaves is both fun to do and beautiful!

So happy with this! And looking forward to filling out this sketchbook!


I still have another brand new sketchbook to start filling also! It’s an A4 one that I bought a couple months back cos it was 10€ instead of 25 or something!

There’s no such thing as too many sketchbooks though, am I right? Haha

Until next post, cherish Nature, please! ❀

Afternoon tree sketches


The kids went out to play this afternoon. As it was really sunny, I grabbed a sketchbook and some pens in the hopes of sketching some nature.

I started out with one tree but quickly gave up as it was too naked and had too many branches for the little focus I could give it as I was keeping an eye on the kids at the same time!

Then, Emily joined me and we decided to work on the same tree. She quickly doodled hers all the while crying out several “Come on, ChloΓ«, it’s easy! Come on, you can do it!”. Haha

I used my Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens and wow, it was so much fun! Sadly, I didn’t get to finish the colored sketch because the rain cut our afternoon short! But it was loads of fun!

I particularly enjoy the soft brush ones because they’re so flexible. You can make thick and super thin lines with them! And it flows so well on the paper! I find it a shame that my colored ones are simply brushes because they didn’t give me that much freedom of movement.

With Emily’s help, also, I used some fallen leaves and a flower to pretty up my “tree skeleton” and the result was very pleasing to look at!

It was a relaxing moment. Although the sun kept changing every minute and it was hard to keep up and get the right amount of light and shadows! Haha But I’m really happy with the result even though it is not finished!

I’m going to be posting another art related thing a little later on, so stay tuned if you’re interested! It’s a personal project that I’m sharing in hopes to inspire you and so that maybe you’ll join me and it’ll become a thing!

Cheers! ❀

My sister’s birthday present!


It’s about time I share with you the painting I did for my sister’s birthday back in September!


I was a little late since it was on the 29th, which was five days after Adam’s birthday and I honestly FORGOT. First time it ever happened to me to actually forget something so big! But I was just so focused on my little boy’s birthday present and also my whole au pair experience that I literally forgot about my amazing sister’s b-day! I remembered the night before and I knew I was fucked…

So, as the thought brutally hit me and the Universe reclaimed my heart back since I didn’t need one anyway, I jumped on my sketchbook (that she gave me btw) to find the best idea. And, thank G*d, I figured it out almost instantly; it was pretty easy.

My sister had been harassing me for the past few days with a tutorial video she found online about how to paint a tree using acrylics and she was like “I want a blue, a green, a red, and also a yellow one” or whatever. And I told her, “Well, you better get to work now!” And she insisted “But I wanted you to paint it for me… *puppy eyes*”. And so did I, “I gave mom a few brushes and nice acrylic paints too the other day. You should borrow it from her and practice for the trees.” Of course, in the back of my head I was thinking of making one for her eventually one day but little did I know (I should’ve!) that her birthday was just around the corner…



Of course, just the tree seemed a little too “basic” for me. Like, “you’ve asked, there you go”. And that’s not how birthday presents should be. Sure, it’s more than okay to give what a person actually expressed orally that they wanted. But is that really enough? Not for someone that matters this much to me. Happy birthday means thanks for existing (still) and I’m thankful to have known you for so long. And my sister has practically raised me alongside my mom. She was my second mom as I used to call her, or more like my dad since I used to give her the school’s presents for Father’s day haha So I had to bring some more symbolic in there and make her feel something more intense when she’d look at it!


February 1997 (a 5-month-old piece of fat)

And so, I thought about this beautiful picture of her holding me as a baby. It’s one of my favorite pictures ever and since I have it with me, I figured I could easily blend it in the painting of the tree; some way, somehow. And so I did.

Blended her body with the tree’s trunk and roots because she is my roots and solid ground. She carried me along the way, lifted me up and made me into the strong woman I am still becoming. She is my mom and my home. And so here we are in the center of the painting, hugging and glowing together. Her favorite color is green and one of mine is yellow. And the reason I went for blue for the leaves rather than her favorite color is because it is my mom’s favorite color and the ocean’s and it has always been for me a motherly color. A strong and warm(yeah I know it’s not technically but to me, yes), comforting color, surrounding us, holding us together.

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Sure, I was late and I got the idea really quickly, didn’t put a large amount of thought into it. But I put lots of hours working on it and lots of heart into it also! There’s a lot of meaning in there and it’s also very pleasing to look at. And most importantly, my sister loved it! What more could I ask for?

Until next post, love, love with all you’ve got! ❀

P.S.: If you’re reading this, je t’aime Lucie πŸ˜‰

Uncage the Night, Chapter VII



Leslie threw herself on her parents’ bed and quickly bundled up in the covers. She was now more than ever unwilling to face the monstrous mirror glued to the ceiling. Continue reading

First painting of a tree


I painted a little tree on a piece of polystyrene for my roommate. It is my first time using acrylics to paint(I mean, other than what I did with the plaster moldings) so I think I did just fine. I’ve never been really good with brushes and having to wait for something to try before adding more, but I’m on my way to get sorta good at it.

Take a look at what it went through before


Ta daa!


Take a look at what it went through before being considered “good enough”:

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I really wanted it to be a yellow tree. But somewhere along the way I messed up and it seems that red fixed it. Haha

So different from what I intended to do but good anyways!

Painting is fun!! πŸ˜€

A tree


So.. I tried using water soluble pencils for the first time. The result isn’t so bad. My phone’s camera still sucks big time though. Haha
There are shades of green and purple in there, I swear.