Hi, guys!

Just writing to say that I won’t be posting chapter eleven of Uncage tonight. I have been very tired for the second half of this week an had a hard time getting anything done at all.

But it will be on tomorrow. So, only a short delay.

I had a lovely weekend by the way. I’m just tired. Hopefully I’ll get my shit together this upcoming week. There’s loads of things I have to work on, including NINE song drafts. So, things are happening. Slowly, but surely.

Take care!




Hi, I’m going to bed!

It’s been a couple of low days. I think I’m still adjusting to that hour we just got back. My intentions were to condense a lot of work in these four days the children are going to Easter camp since next week I’ll be going on holidays with them and there won’t be any work allowed! But yesterday was a lazy day (which I kinda deserved and couldn’t really help, anyway) and today was a big FIGHT to get things done. But I did.

I’m not disappointed, really, or anything. I’m just going with the flow. I’m lacking energy to do anything else anyway. I think that tomorrow I’ll be better! I know I will because the things I did today pumped me up! Ha ha

Anyway. I’m satisfied with the small amount of work I managed to do today!

I made some progress on Girl Crush with the guitar which you can check out on my Instagram if you care or whatever. I scheduled a couple of posts for this week to try and get the energy back on this blog of mine! I even did a little bit of sight reading, Italian and music theory.

Plan is waking up at least at seven tomorrow and read a bit, do some Italian exercises until it’s time to wake the kids for camp. That’s been the plan and so far, I’ve got 0 days out of four good… hehe Hopefully tomorrow I can make it!

P.S.: I was going through my Instagram singing videos from last year as I was typing this, and oh… Cringe! I’ve grown so much in such short time! As a singer and as a person! Yay but ew!


13, 13. Coincidence? I think not!


It has been thirteen days since my last post and thirteen years since I first saw Finding Nemo. Time does fly by so fast yet so slow… Took my last retake exam today and went shopping right after it. AND I went to the movies to watch Finding Dory. It was amazing! Ten seconds in and my eyes were already tearing up. I had forgotten how intensely emotional Pixar productions can get and honestly, this one really hit me like at least 20 times throughout the whole story. It felt so good to meet the characters again and learn more about Dory’s background. And so many life lessons!

The tough times just keep coming at me but I’m okay with that. I’ll keep swimming. Against the current. And naked. For real, though. There is always a way, you just gotta keep your eyes and heart open and keep moving forward. Faith and hope are the things negative people try to take away from you because they know it is the key to existence, you know. You just gotta keep believing that there will be a better day, that things will get better, that you’ll eventually get there wherever “there” might be. I’ve heard of this thing called “regression to the mean” in Teen Wolf once which is a statistical phenomenon. And basically, the way I understood it is that it means that things won’t always be good and they won’t always be bad. There will be times where everything is awesome and times where everything is awful but eventually, things will come back to a neutral place. It’s the natural balance of things. So yeah, so far, 2016 and let’s take it up to September 2015, haven’t been really easy on me and it won’t seem to stop but it will. Soon enough I’ll get to that calmer place in life where I’ll take a breather and get prepared for the next wave. Until then I’ll keep moving on through the aches and pains and keep those dreams of mine held tight and dearly in my fists as I fight for a life worth fighting for.

I’m really happy that this all over for now. I really hope I do get really good grades for these exams but I won’t let it break me if I don’t. But, in all honesty, right now, all I can think about is how I’m finally gonna be able to go back to my guitar, my pencils, my paint and my long days of swimming in my element. For now I still have to rest and relax, my body is exhausted so I might take the whole weekend “off”, still torturing myself with art-deprivation BUT preserving my health. I got really scared about my wrists this week so from now on I’m really going to be careful and make sure I warm up EVERY TIME before I play and take it easy with knives too. Yes, it took me this long to realize how important my body was to my becoming a musician/artist. 😛

I really missed typing but I gotta stop because my wrists need a real good rest. I hope you’re all doing great and that, like me, you went to the movies to claim your childhood back(and did get it back only with a big bag of tears and chicken nuggets). And I hope you’re keeping your head up if you’re going through tough times(who isn’t? 😉 ) and you’re not taking shit from anyone. Dream on, dreamers and do on, doers. Remember to be thankful for all you don’t have and all you’ve got; see the beauty and preciousness in everything.